An Open Letter to the Patient Community: Our Commitment Has Never Been Stronger

July 25, 2019 4:00 pm

An Open Letter to the Patient Community: Our Commitment Has Never Been Stronger

Having the chance to work at a company like Vertex is a dream come true. While each of us had our own reasons for joining the team, there is one in particular that we – and every employee at Vertex – share wholeheartedly: our uncompromising commitment to each of you.

Our goal at Vertex is to use scientific innovation to create transformative medicines for serious diseases. It’s why we invest the majority of our resources in R&D, and it’s why we focus on diseases where we have the scientific expertise to make medicines that have a transformative impact for the people who need them. We do this because we care deeply about improving lives, and because we’re driven to rewrite the course of some of the most devastating diseases. Developing breakthrough medicines comes with a lot of ups and downs. Through it all, what keeps us motivated is our focus on you. When we face challenges in unlocking the biology of a disease, we remind ourselves that you can’t stop, so neither can we. When we celebrate an achievement, we invite you and your families to celebrate with us. You are the reason for our journey and we so appreciate your support every step of the way.

Last week, we announced a long-planned leadership transition. In April, Jeff will step into a new role as Executive Chairman, and Reshma will take the helm as President and CEO. Throughout this transition, it is important for all of you to know that our commitment to you will not change, nor will our commitment to the innovation for which you are counting on us. These values are core to Vertex, and we are both deeply committed to upholding them in everything we do. Both of us are first and foremost doctors and scientists, and we will continue to lead Vertex with those perspectives.

We have been working on a plan for several years to ensure a seamless, non-disruptive transition that would ensure continuity of our strategy of focusing on transformative medicines for serious diseases. Another thing that won’t change is our sense of urgency in bringing medicines to people with CF as quickly as possible. And we are bringing that urgency to our research and clinical programs across each of the other diseases we’re working in. We won’t slow down or get distracted.

We’re fully committed to delivering on our promises to each of you, and we believe we have all the tools to succeed. We won’t rest until the job is done.


Jeff and Reshma